In the advent of smart wearables, smart clothing is a growing sector that is showing a lot of promise. While earlier we had written about smart clothing like solar-powered clothes or colour-changing ones, this post uses clothing and gets the maximum benefit out of it. Fitness is catching on very quickly these days and the concept of measuring fitness with wearables is revolutionizing the wearables industry as well. Fitbit and the Apple watch are leading the smart wearables revolution that monitors fitness. But it seems like Enflux smart clothing is here to give those wearables a run for their money.

Smart clothing? How?

Enflux smart clothing consists of a shirt and a pant that monitors your workout activity as and when you are doing it. While it is similar to Fitbit, why Enflux stands apart is that it uses your entire body to give you a comprehensive overview of how effective your workout is. With Fitbit, you can track your workout only to a limited extent. The smart clothing, however, has sensors that are sewn into the fabric (so you don’t even know it’s there) and those sensors monitor your body activity completely.


The Enflux smart clothing app also acts like your personal trainer by giving you workouts suitable to your body and letting you know when a particular exercise position is wrong. You can look at the app and correct yourself accordingly. The chest module in the shirt has motion sensors, heart-rate monitor, O2 reader, battery, and Bluetooth while the waist module has just motion sensors along with a battery and Bluetooth. This smart clothing can monitor your form efficiency, work capacity, joint angles and joint rotation rates, range of motion, balance, velocity, tempo, heartrate, O2 saturation, and time under tension. This is why Enflux is more comprehensive than the other fitness trackers in the market.


If you picture a t-shirt with wires flowing out because of all the activity it does, think again. The Enflux is just like a normal t-shirt that you can machine wash and sweat all you want in it. The only difference between this smart clothing and our regular clothing is all its functionality. As for the battery requirement, one t-shirt can last up to two weeks on full charge and when the battery runs out, you just have to charge it like your phone.

The Enflux smart clothing looks promising and will pretty much soon be a mandatory part of every fitness enthusiast’s life.

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