To plan a vacation is not an easy task. As much as the internet has sped up the process by offering a lot of options, it still takes some amount of research before you go ahead and plan a vacation.

To plan a vacation, you need to:

  • Decide on your location
  • Look at the routes to reach the destination (but mostly, airfare)
  • Look at hotels that are decent and that offer you a good deal
  • Learn more about the place so you can list down the places to visit and things to do
  • Do some research on other miscellaneous things like mode of transportation, other expenses, and so on.

While the internet offers all of these things, it would be great if you could do all your research in one place wouldn’t it? You could go for packages that many companies offer, but wouldn’t you like the freedom to explore on your own than to stick to an itinerary? This is where Google Destinations comes into play.


Google Destinations is Google’s newest feature that is here to help you plan a vacation all in one place. While the feature is only available in US and UK for now, it offers features that are globally welcome. All you have to do is search for a place and add the word destination or vacation to your search term and Google Destinations will help you plan your trip. It gives out information about the place you want to visit, gives you the best airfare for that trip, tells you decent hotels that are available according to your budget and gives you routes to plan your adventure while enjoying your vacation. Destinations offers a high level of personalization that can help you plan a vacation on your terms and not stick to what a company offers.

There are many websites out there that help you plan a vacation. But between browsing through different websites and comparing prices and changing tabs on your phone or your PC, you get tired just by planning it out. But, by having all of these features in one place and by giving you the freedom to decide what you want to do, Google Destinations has served a masterstroke that all other travel companies have to be wary of and up their game. Although it may be some time before we get used to Destinations, it may still be something that increases our dependency on Google more than how dependent we currently are.

See how Destinations works:

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