While we all have heard about the projection clock, Ritot, is the world’s first projection watch that makes time-telling all the more easier. But if you thought Ritot was just for telling time, think again. This projection watch not only tells you the time but also shows you your phone’s notifications on your hand. That’s right! No more switching your phone display on to see what your friends are up to.

Ritot is a beautiful projection watch that projects the time onto your wrist. You don’t have to worry about bulky watches and big displays. You can simply wear the Ritot like a fashion bracelet and you’re good to go. Not just that, the Ritot app helps you change your projection’s colour and alters your notification settings. And obviously, you can personalize the colour of your projection according to each app. Got a new email? Project it in white, blue, green, or choose from more than 20 colours.


So what’s so great about this projection watch?

Like every other smartwatch, there is a small button to press when you want the time to be projected in your hand. Feeling lazy to do that too? Simple shake your hand and you can see the projected time for 10 seconds before it magically disappears. Not a fan of the 12-hour time mode? Set it to 24 hours and feel at ease while checking the time. Think you can use this projection watch only during the night? Nah, it works just as well in the day time too. Worried about skin allergies? The Ritot is absolutely safe for your skin and health.


As for its looks, surprise many people by revealing it like a magic trick because this projection watch looks like a stylish bracelet than a watch. It has a set of cool features that won’t be damaged when in contact with water and it comes with a wireless charger that you can rest your watch on. Add it to your collectible of special watches because the Ritot looks fabulous and offers many useful features that is usually not expected in a first-generation projection watch.

Check out the beautiful Ritot here


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