If all goes well, Dubai could soon have its very own 325 meter base-jump tower for its adventure sports enthusiasts. According to latest news, The Council on Tall Buildings and urban Habitat, Dubai, will soon begin construction of a 325 meter tall base jump tower that will have adventure activities for all ages. While the base of the tower will be used to entertain children with kiddie-sized entertainment, as the tower goes higher, so will the adventure experience for adrenaline junkies.


So far, the proposed activities are (as mentioned earlier) a kiddie entertainment area, abseiling (rope-down), climbing, vertical cliff camping, ice-pick climbs, and of course, base-jumps. Of course, with a tall structure comes the possibility of a bungee-jumping area, which is great news for Dubai! As per Dubai Media Office’s Twitter, the base-jump tower is proposed for Dubai’s Waterfront area. So, as you freefall from 325 meters, you get a beautiful view of Dubai and its waterfront.


For all the adventure enthusiasts in Dubai, what do you think about this? Will you be willing to jump off a building to experience the beauty of Dubai or would you rather watch from down below?

*This is a developing story. So watch out for more updates!

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