The Government of Dubai has proposed to raise Dubai’s parking charges all around the city and it is likely to take effect when the mercury is rising as well, in the month of May. These rules are put in place to promote more usage of public transportation to ease the congestion on the roads. Not just that, by doing so, people will carpool more in an effort to save and by doing so, they save on resources and cut down pollution as well.

So what are Dubai’s parking charges changing to?

First of all while implementing Dubai’s parking charges, the Government will focus on key business districts like Deira and Bur Dubai. They intend to cover 23% of the total parking spots in the city (around 30,000/1,30,000) and these will be the only spots whose prices will be hiked.

Dubai’s parking charges are hiked to:

Street Side Parking

  • Dh2 per 30 minutes
  • Dh4 per hour
  • Dh8 per two hours
  • Dh12 per three hours
  • Dh16 per four hours

Parking lots

  • Dh3 per hour
  • Dh6 per two hours
  • Dh8 per three hours
  • Dh12 per four hours
  • Dh15 per five hours
  • Dh20 per 24 hours

Apart from hiking the tariff, the Government also proposes to increase the paid parking time to 14 hours per day, from 8 am to 10 pm on weekdays. Not just that, Dubai’s parking charges for seasonal parking cards are also hiked.

Seasonal Parking Cards Tariff on the side of the street

  • Dh1,400 per quarter
  • Dh2,500 per half-year
  • Dh4,500 per year

For parking lots

  • Dh700 dirhams per quarter
  • Dh1,300 dirhams per half-year
  • Dh2,400 per year

For Multi-Storey parking

  • Dh2,000 per quarter
  • Dh4,000 per half-year
  • Dh8,000 per year

For student parking permits the tariff is Dh300 per quarter.

So, what do you think about the revised tariff? Are you on-board?

*All information sourced from here. Watch out for more updates!



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