So you have explored all of the usual places in Dubai like the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Desert Safari, Burj Al Arab, and so many other beautiful sights that Dubai offers. In Offbeat Dubai, we suggest an activity that you can try out and take a trip down a different path. You don’t necessarily have to be an art enthusiast or a foodie but you can always widen your horizons and try something different in your weekend. There’s so much more to Dubai than the usual drill. You just have to know where to look.

For offbeat Dubai, Geekfence recommends

The Dubai Photo exhibition, March 16th-March 19th, 2016

A photo exhibition is not necessarily for photo enthusiasts. The beauty of a photograph is that it provides different interpretations to different people. What one person necessarily feels in one picture need not be the same to another. And this is why visiting a photo exhibition lands a spot in Offbeat Dubai. With different interpretations arise different opinions. And different opinions lead to interesting conversations. And who wouldn’t want a stimulating conversation with someone and spend an entertaining evening with them.

About the photo exhibition:

The photo exhibition features artists from all over the world. The exhibition serves as a merging of different cultures in one spot and promotes the spirit of expression through photos in the UAE. The exhibition features over 700 masterpieces from 23 countries. For UAE, Jassim Al Awadhi is one of the official curators of these photographs. It is extra special to him because some of the works of his former students are also being presented at this exhibition. Jassim Al Awadhi is one of the first eminent Emirati photographers who spent more than 20 years of his life as a crime scene photographer.

A sneak peek of the exhibits:

offbeat dubai
By Amani Al Shaali
By Nasser Haji
By Sulaiman Ahmed Bin Eid Al Hammadi

*And these are just from the UAE.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore Offbeat Dubai by visiting the Dubai Photo Exhibition and expand your horizons!

Location: Dubai Design District 

Date: 16 March, 2016-19 March, 2016

Cost: Free Entry

Please register online.

*All images sourced from here. Main picture photo by Omar Abdulrahman Al Zaabi

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