Facebook Messenger has a fun secret. You can now play some basketball using Facebook Messenger’s hidden basketball game.

How to activate Facebook Messenger’s basketball game?

To activate and play this game is quite simple. All you have to do is send a basketball emoticon from your keyboard to any other person. Once you tap on the sent basketball emoticon, you are taken to a screen where the game begins. Of course, it is not a full-on basketball game with courts and other players. It is a simple game that lets you shoot hoops and you can keep scoring for how much longer you want. Now, I haven’t gotten very far with the game but different sources tell me that the game becomes tougher as you keep playing it. For example, one of my sources say that the hoop begins to move after the 10th point or so. As if that weren’t enough, you get encouraging or sad emoji that pops up every time you hit or miss a goal. And it’s different each time.

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If you think that this is a complex game where you will have to worry about the height, direction, force with which you push the ball, and so on, play the game. Upon playing it, you will realize that all you have to worry about is direction and everything else is automatically set. There is no limit to see how much you can score and mostly, the game gets harder every 10th point and its multiples.

If you are thinking multiplayer for this simple game, there is something that will definitely bring out your competitive spirit. Just send the basketball to a group and you can see the high scores of all the group members. Use that and go further in your game and beat them all.

*To activate, just make sure that you have the latest Facebook Messenger update installed.

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