We all love our time at the beauty parlour. Whether it is a pedicure or a head massage, we are always game for a self-pampering session at the beauty parlour. But, did you know that you have a high risk of getting a stroke at the beauty parlour?

A beauty parlour stroke? What’s that?

Well, remember the calming hair washes you get at the salon before or after a hair treatment? According to a medical survey, the angle at which the hair wash basins are placed and the angle of your head while your hair is being washed, both contribute to a phenomenon called a beauty parlour stroke. The reason behind this is that keeping your head at that angle reduces blood flow to your brain, leading to a high risk of strokes.

Women between 54 and 84 were more susceptible to these strokes or other neurological problems after visiting a parlour, according to a medical report published in 1993. A few problems include dizziness, imbalance, and numbness in the face. Not just that, arteries in the neck can get cut while you are stretching your neck for that relaxed hair wash.

Make sure your head is in the right angle to avoid the 'beauty parlour stroke'
Make sure your head is in the right angle to avoid the ‘beauty parlour stroke’

As for a real case, a woman from California filed a suit against a salon saying that she suffered a stroke after getting her hair washed at the salon.

So, how can we avoid this?

We obviously do not want to give up our guilty pleasure of going to the beauty parlour and enjoying the relaxing hair wash that we look forward to. But, things are changing. Many beauty parlours now have a facility of adjusting our neck to the shampoo basin in a way that does not strain our neck muscles. Also, it is better if we don’t lean back on a chair for more than 15 to 20 degrees to avoid giving stress on our neck muscles. So, you can enjoy your hair wash without having to worry for your life!

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