There is no better time to be living than now! We can already see the future taking shape in the form of mini-cuteness that is taking places in different ways in different parts of the world. Adding to the digital future is Domino’s Pizza and its DRU (Domino Robotic Unit).

What is a DRU you ask? Why it’s your very own delivery robot from Domino’s!

If you think this is a publicity stunt, then you are absolutely wrong. Australia has been secretly privy to this delivery robot with Domino’s Pizza running test delivery runs with DRU. Obviously, for this phenomenon to go worldwide, Domino’s needs to have the necessary permissions to operate its DRU and make sure that it is not stepping on any toes. There are rumours of Domino’s taking it further in Australia and to New Zealand, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Japan, and Germany.

Using robots to deliver items is not necessarily a new concept. Amazon test-delivered a few packages using a drone. While we can imagine pizzas flying everywhere to deliver to different homes (in fact, some people have dreamt of it), it is a lot safer if pizza stuck to the ground. We don’t want pizzas to rain from the sky.. or do we?

Domino’s DRU is mobile, cute, and does the job. We are however left with a few questions. Should we pay the DRU or is it only for online deliveries? Also, should we tip the robot something? It is giving us what we love. And when is it going to be launched in pizza-hungry nations all over the world? Will it cause traffic? Will it be interactive and offer cheeky comebacks to its customers? Or will it be a boring, off-the-mill robot that is tired of being worked overtime?

So many possibilities with Domino’s DRU. Tell us, what do you think will be the best part about DRU?

*Image Source: Mashable

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