All of us had been eagerly waiting for Apple’s Night Shift mode in its latest OS update, iOS 9.3.

What’s the Night Shift mode you ask?

We all scroll through our smartphones at night, exposing our eyes to the endless blue-light emitting from the screen. Researchers have proven that looking at this blue-light before going to sleep makes it harder for us to fall asleep and makes our brain all fuzzy. However, research has suggested that looking at warmer tones in any display before going to sleep doesn’t affect you as much. This is what Night Shift does.

First off, you need to switch on Night Shift. Once you update your phone, go to Settings-> Display and Brightness-> and select Night Shift to turn it on (this hierarchy differs on different regions but you should figure it out once you go to Display and Brightness). Also, please note that you cannot use the Night Shift mode when your iPhone is on Low Power Mode. You can also activate Night Shift from the shortcut menu, as shown:


Once you enter the Night Shift menu, you get options to schedule when the mode gets switched on. Mine, I have set it from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. You can also manually enable it till the next day. There is also an option to adjust the colour temperature from less warm to more warm. Once the Night Shift option is enabled, your screen turns yellow and this yellow has varying degrees of yellow and blue so you can adjust it accordingly.

Image Source: Metro UK
Image Source: Metro UK

Now, I tried the Night Shift option once I updated my iPhone and to be honest, the yellow was a bit weird at first. But as I continued to use my phone to watch a video, I pretty much realized that my eyes had adjusted to it. I even clicked a picture with the camera and saw it in a yellow tone. But as I switched off my night mode and checked out the picture, it looked just fine.

As for my sleep pattern, since it has only been one day, I really can’t write about whether it was affected or not. I guess I’ll have to try it for a few more days before drawing any conclusions. I did sleep well, though but it might also have been because I was actually sleepy and the phone’s light did not affect me in any way. I guess I will know how effecting Night Shift is only after using it for a while.

Did you try out the Night Shift option on your phone? What do you think about it?

*Featured Image Source: iCulture

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