OLO is the world’s first Smartphone 3D Printer.

The word ‘3D Printer’ evokes images of a bulky, high-level printer that is non-portable and creates beautiful works of 3D printed objects. While that is true on many levels, imagining your smartphone to do the work of a 3D printer sounds amazing and futuristic. Well, the future is now because OLO is the world’s first smartphone 3D printer that obviously can print 3D objects with the help of your smartphone.

OLO is a portable, classy-looking printer that uses the light from our smartphone’s screen and 3D prints the object that you want. All you have to do is select your 3D object, pour in the resin of your choice, and wait for your model to be printed.


How does this smartphone 3D printer work?

The resin that you pour to print your object is hardened by the light of your smartphone and that is how you get the 3D printed model out. It uses the right amount of resin needed for the object and avoids waste. The OLO app works with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems and is also compatible with a variety of 3D software like Autodesk 123D Catch.

This smartphone 3D printer also has a ‘secret’ feature, wherein you can decide on a design and send it to someone. The receiver won’t know what the design is till they print it on their OLO. This way, you can send a surprise 3D printed model to someone with very less effort from your end.

smartphone 3D printer

OLO is ideal for amateurs who want to experiment with 3D printing. It is also a handy device for professionals to 3D print something on the go. It works with batteries, is absolutely wireless, is the quietest 3D printer available, portable, easy to clean, and has a beautiful design to carry it wherever you want to. The only issue with a smartphone 3D printer is that 3D printing takes time. Even if it is the OLO, you will have to ensure that your smartphone is charged fully before venturing into 3D printing and keep your hands off your smartphone for a few hours till your creation is manifested.

Check out the OLO in action:

*Images Source: OLO.

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