The television-making industry has been seeing advanced developments these past few years. From smart TVs to curved, 4K display TVs, there seems to be no stopping that industry in embracing technology and improving on it. Joining the list of awesome TVs is Xiaomi’s Mi TV 3S Curve.


With Samsung’s technology powering this TV, it seems like Xiaomi has a winner on its hands. The TV is 65-inches, curved, has a 4K playback, and runs on Android. But what’s even more better about Xiaomi’s new TV is that it is thin: it has a 5.9mm metal body. In comparison to the iPhone 6S, that is a whole lot of thin (the iPhone 6S is 7.1mm thick). Xiaomi’s TV also boasts of a 176 degrees viewing angle, a 2 GB ram, 8 GB internal memory, and a 1.4 GHz quad-core TV processor.

The TV also includes a Mi TV Soundbar that has its own 6-piece sound system. The soundbar supports both Dolby and DTS audios.


The Xiaomi Mi TV will initially be available for sale in China, starting March 31st. It is still unclear if it will be available in international markets. The cost of the TV is around AED 5,073. And that is including the sound bar!

*Images Source: Google.

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