We all have had that annoying ‘There is no enough space in your iPhone’ message popup at the most uncomfortable times possible. Just when you are about to capture an important moment, you get the popup without any warning and that ruins everything. To free up iPhone space, you end up transferring and deleting pictures and videos and we all know that takes a while. So how can you free up iPhone space without losing all your memories?

This simple trick by Reddit user eavesdroppingyou will help free up iPhone space in no time!

free up iPhone space

All you have to do is go to iTunes and select a movie to download. Keep in mind that the movie has to be really large and so the common choice is Lord of the Rings. Don’t worry, you will not be charged. Once you select the movie, you will get the annoying ‘no storage’ popup. Once you click on Settings, you can automatically see a drastic improvement in your phone storage! My phone had around 300 MB space and after this trick, I have 2GB!


When you press your home button to return to the main screen, you can see the iPhone greying out certain apps with the message ‘cleaning’ below it. Apparently, the iPhone clears up unused data and thereby you can free up iPhone space. Simple, isn’t it?

You can ‘rent’ the movie many times to clear up more space. Try it and free up iPhone space without compromising on anything.

Try it and let us know if it worked for you as well! 

*Images Source: Mashable.

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