Blackberry’s own BBM (Blackberry Messenger) has now received a massive upgrade that offers features that are competitive and a combination of different features from different messaging apps.

This BBM update works for Android, iOS, and the home Blackberry platform. This update focuses on different features and privacy.

So, what is BBM offering?

Ever sent a message that you wish you hadn’t sent? Well, this feeling will soon be history thanks to BBM’s retract option. Yes you read it right! You can retract the message that you regret sending. Not just messages, this feature works for pictures as well! Talk about a life-saver!

Fan of Snapchat’s timed message option? Well, the new BBM has this feature to. By using a timer in the app, you can decide the duration of your message’s existence on the receiver’s phone. Want your super-secret message deleted in 5 minutes? Yes, you can with BBM.

There have been many instances where you plan a surprise in a group chat and some one sees it and ruins the surprise entirely! Well, with BBM’s latest feature, you can chat away to glory and retract all your messages once the chat ends. This way, no one has to ‘remember’ to delete anything and your secret is safe.

Apart from these cool features, which are game changers, the new and improved BBM offers other features like:

  • You can forward messages between chats
  • Mute notifications
  • Choose to save images to your device from chats
  • Select many messages to delete, retract, or forward in iOS
  • Share larger video sizes in iOS

“Building on the renowned immediacy, reliability and security inherent to BBM, the new release provides unmatched level of privacy and control to BBM users without any subscription fees. Keeping control over the messages and content that they share, users can be ensured that what they share is always theirs to control.” –Matthew Talbot, Senior Vice-President, BBM, BlackBerry

With such features, BBM is indeed challenging other messaging services to up their game and is getting back into the instant-messaging market with a bang!

*Quote Source: GN Tech

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