How would you like to climb a couple of stairs and be presented with a beautiful view of Dubai? That is exactly what Dubai Steps aims to do!

Adding to the list of Dubai’s iconic landmarks is the Dubai Steps.

While it is still in the conceptual stage right now, Dubai Steps is all set to become the place to go to for leisure sports. Dubai Steps is a part of Dubai’s sustainability project. The project aims to make Dubai a green and sustainable city by 2021.

The Dubai Steps will likely consist of 500 stairs.

While the concept in itself is unique (I mean, where have you heard about steps leading to a beautiful view of the city’s skyline?), every step is being taken to ensure that safety is a top priority in this project.

”The status of the project is for it to become one of the city’s iconic landmarks, which is aimed to promote culture and sports, mainly through its architectural design. This is the first time [globally] that such a project will be carried out. There are many countries around the world that are famous for their steps, but the difference is that those steps lead you to a place…a destination that you want to reach. However, that will not be the case with Dubai Steps. This project will not have a destination but will be a landmark project, where people who want to exercise can go to.” – Abdullah Rafie, Assistant Director General of the planning and engineering section, Dubai Municipality.

Fitness enthusiasts, both residents and visitors alike, be ready to scale your exercise Everest with Dubai Steps. It sure is a challenge that you will look forward to complete!

*This is a developing story. Keep checking in for more updates!

*Quotes Courtesy: Gulf News. Image Courtesy: Arabian Business.

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