So, I woke up today and saw a new option called Live Video on my Facebook. While I did have a few notifications about a page I liked being Live, till this morning, I did not have an option to go Live myself. So, what is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live? As simple as live streaming!

Say there is an important celebration happening in your family. To go through the trouble of live-streaming it to people who couldn’t make it, involved a process. With Facebook Live, all you have to do it is, click on the Live Video option and you’re done!

Once you click on the Live Video option, you will see the following screen:

facebook live

After you hit on continue, you get this screen where you share a short description about your video and choose who to send the notifications to (whether to all your friends or just a Facebook list):



Once you ‘Go Live,’ all you have to do is start shooting! The tricky part here is that you have to be the designated camera person here and you can see live comments as your relay is continuing.


Once you finish it, you get the following screens, indicating that your live video is done! Pretty simple, eh?

IMG_9024  IMG_9025

Now with Facebook Live, you can stream any important event to a select list of friends and invite them to be a part of your journey. Once you Go Live, your friends will receive a notification saying that ‘you’ have gone live and immediately, they can choose to watch your relay. Of course, it is a given that your video needs to be long for friends to interact live (not everyone is glued to Facebook 24X7) but even if you do do a short relay, it will still be posted as an update from your profile.

By giving an easy option to live-relay, Facebook Live has made the lives of all its users easy. Want to live-stream your kid’s birthday party? Go Facebook Live! It makes it a lot easier to connect people and make them an important part of your life, even if it is virtually.

Even if you look at the implications on a professional level, huge corporations can now live-stream their thoughts, ideas, and events to their Facebook likers, without having to force them to have a one-click viewing option. And let’s be honest, the one-click option doesn’t work in many countries also (yes, I have been a victim of that). If you ask for my opinion, I’d say this is one of Facebook’s best features!

Facebook Live inches a whole lot closer to Facebook’s mission of connecting the world!

*Haven’t gotten the feature yet? Patience. It is still being rolled out. 


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