We all know the ‘Other’ folder on Facebook, which was recently changed to ‘Message Requests.’ But, did you know that Facebook has another super-secret inbox that may have made you miss any important message?

That’s right: Facebook has a ‘third’ inbox that filters messages automatically, assuming it is spam.

Now, while Facebook has a genius team of engineers, it is still quite possible that what Facebook sees as spam, might not necessarily be so. You might have received an important message from people who aren’t on your friends’ list but who want to get in touch with you. This might be a recruiter from a job interview, someone responding to your query on Facebook, and so on. So, you might wanna glance at the secret inbox once in a while, just to make sure that you are not missing on something important. However, be warned: this inbox might also have messages from creeps and stalkers who think you are their one true love without having spoken a word to you (yeah, right!)

So, how do you gain access to this third Facebook inbox?

It’s quite simple really. Open the message tab on Facebook and click on Message Requests.


Once that is done, you can see a link that says ‘See Filtered Requests.’


And there you have it! A whole new inbox to amuse yourself.

For Facebook Messenger

Go to Settings-> People-> Message Requests

IMG_9076   IMG_9077


Click on ‘See Filtered Requests’ and you’re done!

IMG_9078  IMG_9078


There you have it: access to Facebook’s super secret inbox! Share any funny messages from your secret inbox with us!



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