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We all have had days when all we need is a relief from our aching joints. We usually reach out to the medicine cabinet and pop in a few pills for pain-relief and sleep it off. But the thought of suffering the side-effects of those tablets usually plague us before we brush it aside. How wonderful would it be if we had a pain relief method that does not involve drugs, but a simple wearable device that is controlled using an app?

Pain relief without the drugs: iTENS.

The iTENS is a wearable device that aims to offer you pain relief and gives you flexible options to control the intensity of the nerve stimulation. Designed like a button with wings, the iTENS combines Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) with technology to provide you the ultimate pain relief, completely wireless. You can use many iTENS for all the problem areas on your body and experience pain relief from anytime between 5-60 minutes.

wireless pain relief small-wing-leg-orange small-wing-shoulder-orange

The iTENS has a gel patch that can be used and reused several times and it helps in sticking the device to your body. It comes in two sizes: with small wings for ankle, knee, elbow, wrist, and so on and with large wings for back, shoulder, and other large treatment areas. It also comes as just a long strip for sciatic nerve conditions and the likes.

large_wingANDsmlWing_Back LongSTrip-Placement-2 small_wing_knee_mult_v01

What is great about the iTENS is that the app gives you various options for the type of treatment your pain needs. You can select the body part in which the iTENS is attached to and choose you condition: be it acute pain, chronic pain, or muscle relaxation, the iTENS will provide pain relief accordingly. You can also track your pain relief results before and after sessions to feel the difference.

Wireless pain relief: Isn’t that the dream!

*Check out their IndieGogo campaign here.

Check out the iTENS in action:

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