A smart immigration concept will soon be established and practiced at Dubai airport terminals.

Waiting at immigration is a pain no matter which airport you are in. Take in one of the world’s busiest airports and you know that it will be really late before you can crash at the comfort of your home or hotel. This is the reason why Dubai airports will soon implement a smart immigration concept that will hopefully get rid of the long lines at immigration that we so dread.

So how does this smart immigration concept work?

Named the Eyen Gate (|Eyen means Eye in Arabic), this gate will soon be able to let people in by scanning their eye and getting their details. Obviously passengers will have to register their passport and other travel details to be updated in the system for the retina scanner to get their details. So, all you need to do is scan your eye and if everything is well, be on your way into the country.

smart immigration gate
A model of the Eyen smart gate.

If you want an immigration stamp on your passport to show off to your friends, that option will also be available.

“If the passenger wants, he or she can request for their passport to be stamped with the entry or exit stamp. But that’s up to the passenger. If the passenger is blacklisted or if his or her passport has expired, the system will automatically flag it up and the passenger will not be allowed through passport control. Immigration officers will always be available near the gate for inquiries or assistance if needed.” – Captain Khalid Ebrahim Mohammad, head of corporate communications department at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Afffairs (GDRFA)

This smart immigration plan is still in the discussion stage and will take some time to be implemented but if this system is in place, it eliminates all need for long and tiring airport queues. It will also be the trendsetter for other world airports to follow.

*Image and Quote courtesy: Gulf News.

*This is a developing story. Stay with us for more updates.

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