Are you sick of wearing headphones all the time? Would you rather listen to audio from a nice set of speakers without disturbing your surroundings? Is that really possible? With « A » speakers, it is.

The « A » speaker is a speaker that only you can hear and it is like listening to your headphones without actually using your headphones. Confused? Imagine a small speaker that plays your favourite song out loud. The only difference between the « A » speaker and a normal speaker is that with the « A » speaker, only you can hear the audio. So, even in a room full of people, if you play a song on the « A » speaker, only you can hear it (unless of course anyone else is standing close to the radius of the audio emission.


Akoustic Arts’ « A » speaker is the world’s most advanced directional speaker. It is similar to a laser pointer, as in it creates a narrow beam of sound that focuses on a particular area (in this case, you) and emits sound in that direction.

Imagine wanting to watch a TV program in a noisy environment. With the « A » speaker, you can watch TV in peace, without disturbing the people next to you and by being able to actually hear what’s happening in the program. We all have encountered the famous ‘lower the TV volume or increase the volume’ argument. Well, not anymore.


Another exciting use for the « A » speaker is in GPS systems. If everyone is listening to music while you drive, you don’t have to hear the collective groan when you stop the music to listen to your GPS directions. You can use the « A » speaker and quietly drive on without pausing the fun.

Now enjoy your music in peace. And without headphones.

Check out the « A » speaker in action:

And check out their IndieGogo campaign here.

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