Earlier we had written a post about smartphone designs being obsolete and repetitive and it looks like someone must have felt the same way. If this is the smartphone of the future then the future can’t get here fast enough! Presenting RoBoHoN, the smartphone of the future.

Before you go on thinking about the highest speed and clearest display ever, let me give you a fair warning. The RoBoHoN is quite literally the smartphone of the future: it is a mini robot-type phone that will handle your relationship with your phone.

This is what the smartphone of the future looks like

ceatec-2015-robohon-1-of-21 robohon-phone-720x480

And what all can the RoBoHoN do?

It basically does everything that your smartphone does in the cutest display possible. It talks to you like a friend and does what you command it to do. It can read text messages and reply to it, take selfies for you by mentioning the correct angle, and it also acts like a mini-projector so that you can proudly display your memories.

While the design is futuristic, the specs may need some extra work. It only has a 2-inch screen (unlike the huge displays we are used to now) and its resolution is 320X240 pixels, which will transport you to the past. However, concept-wise, I think it is safe to say that this will indeed be the smartphone of the future. Don’t believe me? Check out the video for yourself!

Manufactured by Sharp, this cute robot smartphone will be available for sale at a steep price of $1800 and only in Japan from May 26th onward. But, the design in itself is a welcome change and there is no doubt that this will be the future, similar to what Apple did with touch-screen phones.

*Images Courtesy: Various images from Google search.

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