Now we can play Google’s Steve the dinosaur game in the iPhone’s notification panel.

Google offers a free game to people suffering from internet connectivity issues. In case you don’t know what it is about, here is a small overview.

Ever seen this screen?


Now, while the dinosaur looks adorable, there is a hidden game that comes alive when u press the space bar on this screen. It provides for the perfect entertainment when you are waiting for the internet to start working again.

giphy (31)

Steve the dinosaur makes its debut as a game that can be played without even unlocking the iPhone. Just slide down the notification bar and voila! You can play with Steve the dinosaur in the panel itself.

While Google’s version is simple in black and white, the iPhone version has more colour levels as the game progresses. Apart from being incredibly cute, it also provides the timeless entertainment we need without even having to unlock our iPhone!

How do we install this game?

Go to the App Store and download ‘Steve the dinosaur’ game.


Once you have downloaded it, just pull down the notifications panel and you got your game! Start playing!


P.S. For some people, it might show as widgets pending; just tap on it and give access to Steve the dinosaur and you’re ready to play.

If you open the app:


For adding new characters, however, you need to buy them.


There you have it! Now, play away!

GIF Image source: Giphy.

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