We all have heard of people carpooling from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and vice versa. But what if you had a lot of money and very less time to sit and wait at the traffic that stands between these two emirates? That’s right, you jet-pool!

JetSmarter is an app that allows you to book a private jet from Abu Dhabi to Dubai (and of course, a whole lot of other destinations) at a “nominal” fee. Of course, when I checked it out, it showed me a rate of $12,200 (approx. AED 48,000).

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This concept is fairly new to the world but it has been making waves in the USA. Now, it has opened its doors to the Middle East by offering chartered jets between different destinations. All you have to do is register (for free) to get a glimpse of the prices.

You can also enroll to be a member. Being a member costs around $13, 175 but offers benefits like discounted prices and free trips to certain journeys (based on availability). The membership also entails free helicopter services and concierge services along with a 24K gold-plated membership card.

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“What this means is private travel, although perceived as a rather luxurious way of flying by A-list celebrities and influencers on the ‘richest’ power lists, can now be attained by travellers at the click of a button.” – Sergey Petrossov, Founder and CEO of JetSmarter

Sure, the concept of booking a private jet at the click of a button sounds amazing and movie-like. However, there are two things to consider if this is indeed the future of travel: a) no matter how much the price is down, it is going to take many years for the trend to change from taxis to private jets and b) where are you gonna go if the skies become crowded with many  aircrafts? (as if it isn’t crowded enough).

I’m all for innovation and this concept sounds grand. So let’s see how this innovative idea pans out in the future.

Quote Courtesy: Emirates 24X7; Featured Image source: Gulf Business.

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