Samsung is all set to introduce the world to foldable smartphones next year, if all goes well.

Samsung has been teasing the tech audience with foldable smartphones for quite some time, along with LG and Sharp. But if rumours are to be believed, then we could hold the next-gen foldable smartphone in our hands pretty soon.

foldable smartphone

According to Android Community, Samsung will show a prototype of the futuristic device this year and will launch a foldable smartphone in early 2017. The rumour states that in its folded version it will be around 5 inches and when opened, will expand to 7 inches. This could very well be the innovation in the smartphone era that is long overdue. (Read our post about how smartphones have been stagnant for years now).

Other rumours also point that Samsung had filed a patent recently for foldable smartphones. The foldable smartphone will function more as a phablet (phone+tablet) owing to its flexibility in size.

Check out Samsung’s tease earlier in 2013:

Foldable phones aren’t exactly new to us, what with the flip-phone era that ruled the market for quite some time and will always be close to our hearts. But the concept of a display that folds along with the phone is the innovation that has teased us for quite some time and it is high time that we get a taste of that futuristic technology.

*This is a developing story. Stay with us for more updates.

*Image Source: Smartphones Epic Center; Featured Image source: Click Tech Tips.

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