Instagram’s new look and logo was introduced to the world in an upgrade to the app.

The new logo is a simple, minimalistic gradient and is in stark contrast to the beautiful, vintage camera logo that we have all come to love since Instagram was launched.

But, things change and so has Instagram. It has moved on from the bulky and familiar design to an uber-cool and in-vogue minimalistic design that gives it a look of utter sophistication. It also has a black and white colour tone, giving it a feel of ‘men in black’ rather than the cutesy blue feel it had in its previous version.


It looks a lot more serious and dark now and it seems to have lost its playful vibe. But this upgraded flat design falls in line with the designs of other tech-giants, except that the others don’t give off a dark vibe (have I said that a lot.. I really don’t feel all that comfortable with Instagram’s new look).

“Color has always been a huge part of Instagram – you see it in the classic app icon, filters, and the community’s photos and videos,” – Ian Spalter, Head of Design at Instagram.

Also there will be more updates to Instagram in the near future. Soon, you will be able to upload 60-second videos in comparison to the 15-second videos that it currently offers. Although a few users will be able to upload 60-second videos now, the feature will soon be available to every Instagram user.

The feedback for the logo so far has been increasingly disapproving with Twitterati expressing their disdain over a simple gradient logo that replaced a good one. To sum it up in one gif:

What do you think of Instagram’s new look? Or the new logo? Do you love it or hate it? Let us know!

*Images Source: Mashable. Gif Source: 9GAG.


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