Bollywood Parks Dubai is the world’s first Bollywood-based theme park that is set in Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Dubai Parks and Resorts is all set to open in October and as a part of the grand reveal, they have been teasing the audience with glimpses of the various parks inside. The most comprehensive reveal, however, is of Bollywood Parks Dubai and I can safely say that we are totally waiting for the park to open!

Check out the first look of Bollywood Parks Dubai

“This is the first ever and most unique Bollywood theme park in the world. Come on and have a look with me.” – Thomas Jellum, General Manager, Bollywood Parks Dubai.

The video explains all the unique things we can expect to experience in Bollywood Parks Dubai. ‘Rock On’ based on the movie, obviously, is the venue that will host live performances, dancing, DJs, and basically things related to music and concerts (which is what the movie was about as well).

Apart from that, the video also shows the huge Rajmahal theater, which will have around 850 seats and will have 4 daytime shows and an evening show as well.

Apart from this, there is also a ride based on the movie ‘Don’, where you can race across the streets of Dubai and the more family-oriented ride based on the movie ‘Sholay’. There is also a stunt show that is based on the movie ‘Dabangg’ and Bollywood Film Studios lets you star in your own Bollywood movie!

Now the wait is the toughest!

*This is a developing story. Stay with us for more updates.

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