Every Twitter user knows that every time they add a link or a photo to their tweet, the character count reduces significantly. But the latest news we hear from Twitter is that it will stop counting characters for links and images.

This comes as great news for Twitter users and more importantly, social media marketers, who usually faced the challenge of giving an interesting brand message, image, and link their brands: all within 140 characters! The current scenario is that in spite of shortening the links, it takes up 23 characters. It may not sound like much but poses quite a challenge when a brand tries to tweet something interesting.

Fair warning though: the decision is not yet public. It is just based on rumours and the change could likely take place within the next two weeks. This move might come in a bid to make Twitter more flexible for users to share their opinion. However, it most definitely will be welcome when compared to an earlier rumour about increasing Twitter’s character count to 10,000. Thankfully, the shift to 10,000 characters did not happen as it would reduce the uniqueness of Twitter and its 140 character limit.

It will be a most-welcome change indeed.

*This is a developing story. Stay with us for more updates.

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