Emirates is one of the world’s leading airlines with its roots in the Middle East.

While generally airlines have Economy, Business, and First flying classes, according to rumours, Emirates might just add one more class in order to encourage people to fly more and explore the world.

The class, named economy-plus, is a step-up from the economy class but not equal to business class. This means that while you may get extra legroom, you might still be served different food when compared to business class. The details are still underway and we will have to wait for an official statement from Emirates to see what extra features they plan on adding to the economy-plus class.

Logically speaking, the cost of the economy-plus class would be somewhere in-between the price range of Business and Economy. This class might be introduced so people can experience a level of business-class flying but not by denting their pockets too much.

If you think the concept of economy-plus is new, think again. The most popular economy-plus seats are offered by Virgin Atlantic and it has been offering it for many years now. In Virgin Atlantic’s economy-plus class, the seats are definitely an upgrade from the economy class but the food options are not quite extravagant as the business class.

So, will you fly economy-plus on Emirates if the class is available? I would definitely give it a try!

*This is a developing story. Stay with us for updates.

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