Hacking is a crime that all of us dread and hope that it never happens to us. But what happens if the person who owns Facebook, a treasure trove of all our personal information, is hacked himself? Yes, Mark Zuckerberg was hacked and the reason is pure irony.

Every time we create a new account in any site, it urges us to set a password that is strong enough to protect our sensitive information. Sometimes it gets so annoying that the following meme originated because of it.


Now ironically, the owner of the website that knows so much about us, Mark Zuckerberg, could have done well to follow the instructions himself. Owing to his ‘excellent’ password skills, Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts had been hacked by a hacker group called “OurMine Team.”


The event came into light when Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter account published a Tweet, which was highly unusual because he’s not active on Twitter. The hacker group tweeted from his Twitter account and changed the title of his Pinterest page to “Hacked by OurMine Team.”

Another report claims that his Instagram account was also hacked and this is more serious than the others because Mark is highly active on Instagram and owns it too. But there is no evidence to support this claim.

The highly amusing aspect of this security breach is that the password Mark Zuckerberg used was ‘dadada.’ He may have set it at a time when data security was not so much of a threat but it does set a bad example when such an influencer has such a weak password.

Mark Zuckerberg is yet to respond to this issue.

Was Mark just being careless? Or did he consider himself immune to hackers? What do you think?

The tweet has now been deleted along with the account itself.

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