We are entirely dependent on our earphones for many reasons; the main reason being that we love listening to music as we work. However, there are many issues we face with earphones: they get tangled “on their own” or they keep falling off when we move around, doing our work or you have the hassle of carrying your phone or music player wherever you go! What wouldn’t we give to have a pair of wireless earphones that are independent from our phones and saves us all the trouble? Presenting, The Dash – smart earphones for the smart generation!

Smart earphones, eh?

Yes indeed. The Dash incorporates great technology for such a small object. These smart earphones are wireless and they function as a standalone music player with 4GB internal memory. If you have over a 1000 songs and the 4GB memory is not enough, you can always stream your songs through Bluetooth and get on with your work!


Not just that, these smart earphones have Optical Touch controls on the outside, which means that you don’t have to keep using your phone to change songs; you can do it in your earphones itself.

If you think these smart earphones are just for listening to music, you are most certainly mistaken!

The Dash also tracks your workout progress, keep track of your heart rate and other physical metrics, thereby acting like a fitness gadget as well. A fitness gadget with live feedback, that too.

But perhaps the most unique and game-changing feature of these smart earphones is that it is waterproof! Meaning, you can listen to music while you swim! While this had been a dream for many, thanks to these smart earphones, it has become possible! Not just that, the waterproof feature means that even if you are stuck in the rain somewhere, you don’t have to scramble to save your earphones!


Added to this is the feature of alternating between listening to ambient noise and your music; all at the swipe of a finger! Don’t bother reducing and increasing your volume in an official setup; you can choose to keep your background noise audible while listening to music!

If all this is possible with The Dash smart earphones, imagine the possibilities that this technology can offer in the future!

Check out the Dash in action:

*You can buy your own set of smart earphones here.

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