One of the main reasons we share and update our life details on Facebook is that we get a lot of comments from friends and loved ones. While so far, we have been satisfied with picture comments and cute stickers, now we can actually post a video comment in Facebook! A picture says a thousand words but what about 100s of pictures?

According to Facebook’s announcement, users will soon be able to post a video as a comment in order to express more effectively.

The ability to comment using videos was coded and perfected at Facebook’s 50th Hackathon, where all of Facebook’s engineering offices hack together.

“This was no small feat to add support across interfaces and within two heavy traffic services, like comments and videos. That’d be a challenge in a month, let alone a single day. We were fortunate to have enough shared interest from the ideal engineers to get the it done.” – Bob Baldwin, Facebook engineer

All you have to do to post a video comment in Facebook is to click the camera button in the comments box and the message will say “Attach a Photo or Video.”

post a video comment in facebook


The feature is now available worldwide!

Do you think the ability to post a video comment on Facebook will be effective? Let us know!

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