The most exciting thing about Apple’s announcements at the WWDC 2016 was the changes that iOS 10 was going to bring to iOS users! So, without further ado, let us jump in!

iOS 10 comes with 10 different features and is all set to cast its spell upon us.


iMessages is getting an overhaul, with the highlight of it being that it is now open for developers. For us regular users, iMessages will now come with a rich-link feature that basically gives you a preview of any link that you get. The emoji drawer in iMessage is also getting more emojis (up to 3 times its original) and you also have the feature of tapping and turning words into emojis. Apart from that cute bubble effects add to the features that iMessage will get in iOS 10 and Apple Music is also integrated with iMessage.



Tired of not knowing which numbers are spam? Well, with the phone upgrade, it will display numbers that are most likely to be spam. Apart from that, the voicemail option will have transcriptions of voicemails so you don’t have to listen to them anymore.

Apple Music

Apple Music is being completely redesigned and getting a brand new look. But perhaps the best part of Apple Music’s new upgrade is that it has a ‘Lyrics’ option, thereby enlightening us on all that we have sung wrong before. The interface is also simpler than its earlier version.


Apple News

Apple News is getting a bolder interface and is similar to the Music app, which might give us a hint that all Apple apps may soon have similar themes. You can also subscribe for breaking news notifications and subscriptions with the News app.


Siri is now open to developers and can support commands for WeChat, Slack, and especially WhatsApp. This means that you can now ask Siri to send a WhatsApp message to anyone and you’re good to go! This is a feature that we all could finally use Siri for. Apart from that Siri also has AI features and can give you smart suggestions according to your current location, calendar, contact information, and so on.


Photos has one of the best updates wherein the app can create a small video of your pictures from a particular time and makes it easier for sharing. Also, there is object and scene detection to facilitate even better searching of your photos. All these features fall under the ‘Memories’ tab in Photos and it shows you highlights, people, map, and related memories.

Apple Maps

A brand new user interface and suggestions based on your location are the key features of Apple Maps in iOS 10. The user interface is cleaner, lets you know about the traffic on your route, and offers alternative routes to help you reach your destination faster. Also, Maps is also being open to developers, which means that you can open Maps for an all-in-one travel experience like booking a cab, paying for it, making reservations at a restaurant, and paying for that as well, within the app.

Apple Home

Now you manage and control all connected devices around your Home screen. The Control Center that you get when you swipe up in your iPhone or iPad will feature this HomeKit option, thereby facilitating easy access and control over your connected accessories. This feature will also be available in the Apple Watch.

Raise to Wake

Saving the best feature for the last, this raise to wake feature in iOS 10 will wake the phone’s lock screen when you lift it. This gives you an overview of notifications and updates from your app without you having to press the Home button and unlocking your phone with iTouch. I have missed many an update because of that and so this feature is the one that I am looking forward to the most. Also, raise to wake will support 3D Touch, which means that I can respond to my notifications without even having to unlock my iPhone.


3D Touch in the Home Screen means that you don’t need to launch an app to get updates from it. Simple 3D Touch it to get a preview of either video highlights or other notifications.

So there you have it: 10 features that iOS 10 will have in a major upgrade that brings much cheer to iOS users.

What do you think of these features? Let us know in the comments!

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