We use gadgets for pretty much everything in our lives. Whether it is to set up appointments, give us directions to a particular place, or even provide us home security, gadgets have taken over our lives. While gadgets are usually branded ‘unnecessary’ for children, this small and useful gadget will help you raise responsible children rather than having them addicted to it.

Raise responsible children, eh?

Yes. Presenting the Octopus watch.

Great! Another smartwatch?

That’s where you are wrong. The Octopus smartwatch is a simple task-manager that will help you assign tasks to your kids so they can finish them.

For example, if you want your kid to brush their teeth at 7:30 in the morning, their Octopus watch will vibrate and give them a reminder that they need to brush their teeth with a descriptive icon.

This watch is especially useful for kids who still haven’t grasped the concept of time. The Octopus watch will vibrate softly with a pictorial reminder of the task that needs to be completed.


How are these tasks assigned? Well, parents can assign these tasks from an app on their smartphone and in turn provide positive reinforcement through badges.

And how do you know if a task has been completed? Simple. Your kid needs to press a button on the watch which will immediately notify you that the task has been done.


And if you are wondering if this is a full-fledged smartwatch, then put your mind to ease. The makers of this watch want to help you raise responsible children and not expose them to harmful radiation from smartwatches. The watch is a simple and fun gadget that will help your children understand responsibility in a way that they can.

Not just that, there are 3 modes in the watch. The first mode is a pictorial representation of the activity that they need to do and is for kids who can’t read time. There are also analog and digital clocks that the kid can use as they grow up with the watch.


Added to that, it also comes with an adorable docking station in which you can charge the watch.


The best part about this watch is that it can instill the concept of responsibility in kids in a language that they can understand. And an even more beautiful aspect is that it can greatly help children suffering from AD/HD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), Down Syndrome, A-type diabetes, executive function issues, etc.

Check out the Octopus watch in action here:

*Want to get one for your kids? Check out their Kickstarter Campaign here.

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