Dubai is becoming more and more tech-savvy by the day.

While we cannot seem to live our lives without hearing rumours about the place we live. But how wonderful would it be if we could actually confirm if a particular rumour is true or not?

Well, not to shy away from using innovative ways to solve people’s problem, the Dubai Municipality is all set to put your worries to rest.

They have set up a Whatsapp number to interact with residents and enlighten them on which rumours are true and which are false. All you have to do is send a Whatsapp message to 050 1077 799 and they will get back to you on your queries within 8 hours. And it will be clarified by Municipal Authorities itself.

This concept is a part of the Municipality’s efforts to control and clarify rumours about public health and food safety.

This is how the Whatsapp Profile of the Dubai Municipality looks like:


The status reads ‘Dubai Municipality Initiative to counter rumours.’

Featured Image Source: GNTech.

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