We all would do anything to get a few minutes of WiFi connectivity that will let us post an update or look for directions and what not. Now, what if I told you that you can stay connected, even when you go for your regular garbage run from your home?

Keeping in mind the importance of WiFi for people, the emirate of Sharjah has launched WiFi connectivity in public garbage bins.

BigBelly, the company that provides garbage bin solutions in the US, has initially rolled out 10 WiFi garbage units in the first phase, with more than hundreds of such bins planned to be placed all over Sharjah and UAE.

“This is in line with Sharjah’s vision and aim to become the environmental capital of the Middle East,” says Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of Bee’ah Waste Management Company.

These bins will be solar-powered and they are aimed to improve waste-management in the UAE.

Apart from providing free WiFi, these bins will alert Bee’ah’s departments when it is full. Since it is solar-powered, the bins also provide energy to an internal compactor. This means that the bin can collect five times more waste before it needs to be emptied.

Investment firm Shurooq and Du telecom have partnered with the government in this initiative.

This initiative is one of the first of its kind initiatives in the world.

*Featured image courtesy: Gulf News.

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