Looks like everyone in Dubai has to be extra careful while driving from now on because the fee for inspecting a traffic accident in Dubai just took a major hike.

A resolution issued by Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, now allows for 14 different services to be charged by the Dubai Police.

So how much do you have to pay now in case of a traffic accident?

The fee has been increased to Dh400 for inspecting the traffic accident site. Apart from this, there are other charges as well:

  • Dh100 fee to remove a car from the road
  • Dh500 fee for transporting a car or motorcycle from one place to another within the Emirate
  • Dh1000 fee for transporting heavy trucks within the Emirate
  • Dh2000 fee for transporting cranes and containers within the Emirate
  • Dh200 fee for removing a heavy truck from the road
  • Dh100 per day for parking a heavy truck in vehicle seizure areas
  • Dh100 fee for replacing a traffic accident report
  • Dh150 fee for issuing traffic certificates
  • Dh100 fee for night work permit
  • Dh50 fee for lost certificates and
  • Dh75 fee for issuing a ‘whomever-it-may-concern’ certificate

So make sure you are extra safe while driving around the city. After all, these fines were imposed to make sure that accidents can be avoided and you reach your home safely!

All fines source: Khaleej Times.

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