Yes, Dubai is the hottest place to be in right now and no, I do not mean it figuratively! With rising mercury levels, people are looking for cool places to be in. Visitors to Ski Dubai especially do not feel like leaving the place because of the weather outside.

But wait, can you actually stay in Ski Dubai?

Well, for 750 dhs for two people, you can camp in Ski Dubai for one night at a temperature of -4 degrees!

Plan a cool, romantic getaway this summer without leaving Dubai. Ski Dubai in Mall of the Emirates will open its doors for a camping experience in the snow from July 29th onwards.

Ski Dubai

The stay includes access to all the park’s facilities like skiing, snowboarding, and a zip-wire ride! All this, after the park is closed for the public (10 pm-midnight).

Guests will also be provided with a tent and sleeping bags along with a steaming mug of hot chocolate, waterproof gloves, jackets, and beanie hats (although, who needs that when it is THIS hot outside, right?)

Guests will also be offered a complimentary breakfast at the St. Moritz cafe right next to the place.

Well, I am convinced! If you are too, you can call 800-386 to make a reservation!

Chill out!

*Image Source: Gulf News

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