Since the new Apple iPhone 7 is almost here, the rumour mill is currently in full swing. This time, all rumour point towards positive changes in the device’s battery and the way it is charged.

The latest unconfirmed rumour is that the iPhone 7 is going to have fast charging speeds. News of this supposedly fast charging speed came as a top posted on Twitter and was highlighted on Monday by the Apple Insider.


The Twitter user who posted it cited what seems to be a Chinese source and also included a picture of the iPhone 6s logic board right next to what is said to be the logic board of the iPhone 7.

Past test show that it is possible to charge your iPhone 6s if you use an iPad’s adapter, providing a 90% charge in only 2 hours, based on tests done by iLounge. However, if this rumours turns out to be true, these tactics won’t be needed any time.

As usual, due to the rumour being unconfirmed, you should count on this new feature to be a part of the iPhone 7. However, if you are looking for a smart phone upgrade, this new addition taking place in September is something that you should definitely take into consideration before you take any decisions.

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