The controversial snapchat filter known as ‘’yellowface’’ by many people this week has driven the application’s face changing filters into controversy and the spotlight once again, with many people wondering is the application could be affecting how we see other people and ourselves.

Other than filters that are racially insensitive, there is also the topic of Snapchat’s beauty filter and the way it could disclose a bias for a specific type of look. More specifically, a look that hews more towards social norms in the western world as opposed to emphasizing the true beauty of various types of faces which are seen in the world.

Earlier during this week, a Snapchat user shared her opinion about the beauty filter and the way it impacted the way it seems herself.

Earlier this week, one Snapchat user decided to open up about her use of the beauty filter and how it’s affected her view of herself.

Nicole Williams, a blogger working for Medium explained, “Snapchat’s popular ‘beauty’ filter makes my face slimmer, my eyes bigger AND my nose narrower … And I was starting to prefer my face with a nose job!”

Just like William’s story, and other recent missteps happening by Snapchat, show that more users are most likely going to tart to demand that the application makers see beyond their constricted views and work on introducing filters than improve all beauty types without placing anyone in a certain cultural box.

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