When it comes to a student’s life, there is nothing like the start of a new semester. It’s the time to settle down and set new goals. Unlike the past when the pen and the notebook was a must have, if you look around the lecture hall these days you are likely to witness over half of the students typing on their laptops. Technology has become a very important thing of getting the most of our learning. Here are the top 5 must have gadgets for college students.

1. Macbook Pro


It would be silly to talk about the best gadgets without mentioning the Macbook especially when many students are studying courses that require graphics and multimedia, audio demand, and videos. Although these machines may vary depending on the college or the university, most institutions are running OSX making the Macbook the ideal gadget to buy. Apart from being portable enough, it’s compatible with anything related to Mac based department. Additionally, it comes with a solid aluminum enclosure that looks very nice.

2. C-pen

One of the greatest investments you can have as student is C-pen book scanner. It’s a good investment because whichever way, you will still study your course notes hence it does not take much effort to use a pen scanner. When you need to get important quote some few minutes to before the exam, you can search on the computer instead of doing it manually. You simply need to copy paste the quote. Also, you will have digital copies of your notes for many years to come.

3. LaCie Rugged Hard Disk

While flash disks are very important when it comes to space, they do not offer much. In fact, if you lack some sort of hard drive to back up your work, you are seriously looking for trouble. The LaCie Rugged Hard Disk not only allows you maximum safety and considerable space but is also very affordable.

4. iPhone

Even though some people might not agree, this is one of the best gadgets you cannot ignore as student. It’s an excellent PDA and phone that always comes in handy when you least expect it especially if you fit it with the best apps. You can have notes from conversations, task lists, piano, guitar tuner, wordpress and even a library’s worth of good books. In fact, it’s an excellent gadget for capturing and storing information that you might need to store during the day without the need of turning on your computer.

5. Multifunction Printer

While there are a lot of printers in universities and colleges, they are also very busy. Trying to produce class notes or a paper before the beginning of the lecture can be very hard. Well, there is no need of getting something fancy, if you visit Epson printers you can get a very simple printer meant for students. With this printer, you will realize that all your printed work is rock solid. The good thing is that most of them are all in one with a copier and scanner making them the gadget for every student.

Well, those are the top 5 must have gadgets for college students.

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