We are in the 21st century; this is the era in which the “information generation” is fully in control of the world. The Generation Y (Millennials) is the current and dominant one. As the X continues to get their retirement benefits and vanish, the Y is flocking in pairs. This has become an issue in terms of controlling them at work. They always think that they know better and more than everyone. How can we get rid of their ignorance? How can we make them controllable? The answers to these questions lies, right here.

#1 Try to adapt

Considering they have a lot of knowledge on technology, listen to what they propose and make your own decision and conclusion later. Adaptation is a good aspect. Some restrictions like not using phones in the office may affect your business, most of the tweets and Google searches they do might be very helpful. This generation entirely relies on this information to improve their performance.

#2 always acknowledge them

Millennials or Generation Y is giggled by petty acknowledgements and job accomplishment compliments. Compliment positively on their new dress, nice hair style, neat office organization and such. This will ease things out when you want to correct their mistakes, they will consider that when they are on the right track you always tell them, therefore, they will easily absorb the correction. Tip them for every well done job; this will encourage them and create a positive competition at work.

#3 be flexible

Unlike the X generation, the generation Y has a lot of information on any niche that pop up. They have any information on their fingertips whenever they have their smart phones and laptops with them. Technology has made the world a small global village. If any problem arises they easily contact highly experienced experts for consultation as they warm their fancy seats. Flexibility can have a great impact on work, some times change must be accepted where need be. At some point, you will not have any other choice other than neglect your old ways. Don’t just guide them on what to do, highlight the project’s need and the required result and leave them to work without your supervision. They always like short cuts which in turn give perfect or possibly fast results.

#4 create balances

The generation Y works smart not hard; this is the slogan out of every mouth. They want an open-minded person to work with, in order to create balance ensure that in every section there is a generation Y executive. This will aid in understanding the employees better, the supervisor will always explain the requirements and needs or the employees in their perspective of view. Ensure that you create a good working environment to ensure that less time is wasted in the gym trying to fix their backs. This will help save time that is a great aspect in the workplace.

#5 encourage them to grow.

Growth in terms of studies is very essential. Promise a salary increment when one accomplishes a certain level of education. This will improve the performance of the job. Organize motivational talks and business related seminars. Do not be harsh to them, considering that they have always done what they want since childhood, trying to control them will be a great tragedy.

#6 provide clear strategies

It’s always wise to make it clear where a person should work, when they work, how they work, what to do and all the requirements in each position. This will reduce conflicts in the workplace, this generation like using blame games as a way of self-defense, they never want to be accountable for any mistake they do. Making things clear will increase perfection considering that everyone knows their boundaries.

The world is being sophisticated to the ways of generation Y, it is not wise to fight a losing battle; it is wise to join them if you can’t fight them. Change is not easy; following the steps above will be a nightmare especially if you are in the X generation. These are the simple ways to reduce resignation rates in your work place. Good luck.

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