High college tuition and increasing unemployment rates have left all students buried under feet of financial debt – without a shovel or pick axe to dig themselves out. It’s no secret that students today are struggling to make ends meet.

As is famously quoted by the famous Greek Philosopher, Plato, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. And as such, students all over the world are launching their own small, startups to help ease their financial burden. Here are a few ideas that can help students fund themselves through college:

  • Tutoring
    Every new and coming entrepreneur chooses to invest in a business that showcases his/her skills and abilities. As a college student, tutoring must be a very viable option for a startup. While many colleges offer in-house tuition, it is quiet limited in time and available space. Investing your time and money into a flexible tutoring business might be very fruitful for the future.
  • Freelancing
    Whether you’re a tech junkie, an avid programmer or a well versed writer, freelance can be a great chance to begin your business front. Gather a small group of friends and colleagues with diverse areas of expertise, and create a small freelance company. Lease out your services to a wide variety of clients and earn your keep. It’s that simple and prolific. Best of all? No start up cost at all.
  • Babysitting
    It has been a long standing practice (perhaps you remember it from your high school/middle school days). Babysitting is simple job that can earn you a lot of side money for college funds. And those of us with little siblings have plenty of experience to back it up. Start a small babysitting group with your friends, and make your way through college in a breeze.
  • House Cleaning
    While it might be difficult to keep our own rooms clean, once we’re paid to do the task, we do it immaculately. Why not be the front for a small cleaning company? Such a service offers great salaries and requires low startup cost.
  • Printing and Publishing
    If you’re on the creative side or the student spectrum, why not start a small printing and publishing company? Allow students and clients alike to place orders for personalized cards, letters, calligraphy or even separate yearbooks and earn a good amount of cash with little startup investment.

Best of all, such small business startups can set you up, not only to get through college, but through the future as well. So instead of digging yourself into a hole by borrowing money from parents or even the bank, think over potential startup schemes you could establish instead.

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