Do you often wear nail polish? Well, almost all the women do. It is an important part of makeup and obviously an essential element of beautification. Many women change their nail color in every two or three days to match up with their dress. According to dermatologists, it is causing serious harm to your health. The carcinogenic elements present in the nail paints are actually taking you closer to cancer.

Nowadays, nail salons are mushrooming in cities. The craze for doing nail art is at its peak. Girls are crazy about having innovative nail arts without thinking twice about their nail health. In a recent article published in New York Times, the pathetic situation of nail art industry got exposed.

How the workers in those salons are struggling with poor health and a wage that is unliveable. In short, this industry has chemical hazards and is also causing serious damage to the health of not just workers but also of nail art enthusiasts.


Why nail polish is hazardous?

According to dermatologists nail, polishes contain certain toxic elements that affect the health of the nails intensely. One important element of nail polishes is formaldehyde; a substance that affects our endocrine system. Cheap nail polishes contain a large amount of formaldehyde and toluene. Recognizing toluene and formaldehyde is easy; when you open the bottle the strong smell you get actually comes from these two chemicals.

Nail paints are made of three carcinogens; Toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate. Toluene is additive to gasoline. It is applied to give the nail polish a smooth finish. It stops the paint from separating in the bottle. Toluene affects the nervous system and also causes serious harm to the reproductive system.

Formaldehyde is known to be a disinfectant in hospitals and also comes handy in disinfecting nail care kits. It helps nail paints to harden. Dibutyle phthalate is the third toxin present in nail paints that improves the flexibility of the nail paint. This toxic element is also hazardous for the reproductive system.

The vapors of the nail paints carry the gas of these toxins that directly affect the salon workers. Regular exposure to these hazardous carcinogens is taking them closer to cancer.


Effects of Frequent Nail Paint Exposure

When someone applies nail paints, her body comes to direct exposure of these carcinogens. In many countries, people eat with their hands. Unfortunately, while eating they are putting those chemicals in their body. If you eat with your right hand, you should not apply nail paint in that hand.

Skin experts get many patients, who got allergic to nail paints. Many women develop certain skin sensitivity, it is called Paronychia. In such cases, the allergy spreads around the nail. Frequent changing of nail paint often leaves your nails brittles. Nails lose their natural luster and shine. The list does not end here; your eyes may get affected too. There is a condition called peri ocular dermatitis; the allergy spreads around the eyes.


What is the way out?

The only way out is using the nail paints that do not contain these three carcinogens. You should change your nail paint only once in a week. Stop visiting nail paint salon multiple times in a week. Use nail care products that adhere guidelines and are ultimately safe for you.

Not just nail polishes but choose your makeup products wisely. Make yourself aware of hazardous chemicals used in cosmetics. Be a wise buyer.


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