Prosecco is a much loved Italian sparkling wine that has won millions of hearts. Enormous popularity of this liquor forces  groceries to store Prosecco flavoured sweets, lip balms, and even crisps.

The newest entry to this list is Prosecco flavoured golden sparkling Nail Varnish. According to the maker, Groupon, this varnish is made of real Prosecco. Just 15 minutes after applying the first coat, you can lick your nails and it will taste and smell like real Prosecco. The very next day, you will not get a sore head which you usually experience as hangover after consuming alcohol. Well, you can apply several coats afterwards to get a stronger golden shimmery look.


Where do they get this idea from?

The idea behind introducing Prosecco Nail Varnish was actually driven from the love that the mother and daughter carry for each other during doing their manicure together; it is a popular activity in UK to do manicure together. The maker has combined Prosecco and manicure, on the eve of Mother’s day and created something unique to affix fun.

The advertisement says that it is a calorie-free slurp but the maker strongly advises to avoid the temptation of drinking this nail varnish directly from the bottle.

The idea of edible nail varnish is not so novel. Last year, the fast food chain giant KFC took their tag line “Finger Lickin’ Good” further. They launched edible nail paints in their two most popular flavours, ‘original’ and ‘hot and spicy’ for their Hong Kong Clients. KFC’s SPF30 sunscreen, called ‘Extra Crispy’, which smells like their popular fried chicken also became a controversial cosmetic.


Is Encouraging Nail Licking good for Health!!

The skin care and health experts are not very happy with this idea of licking nails. Scientifically, our nails and hands harbour highest amount of bacteria among other parts of human body. Putting finger-tips in the mouth is nothing but giving an easy entry to bacteria inside the body.

Even if the hands of a user are hygienically cleaned before licking, it is still not safe. These edible nail paints are likely to be contained with artificial flavours and colours. Ideally, slurping of artificial flavours and colours is not a healthy practice.

For habitual nail biters, it could be a reason to put nails again and again in the mouth. However, if you don’t love the flavour of Prosecco, it may act as a negative reinforcement for keeping you at bay from biting nails.

The Prosecco varnish contains alcohol along with chemicals such as titanium dioxide and potassium aluminium silicate; and this varnish is extremely inflammable as per the ‘ingredients’ and ‘safety and allergen’ information the label conveys. This information on the bottle clearly shows that the ingredients do not make it something that should be allowed to get into the body.


Where to buy Prosecco Nail Varnish

The varnish is still not out in the market. To get hold of this exciting nail varnish, you have to participate in Groupon prize draw. It is still not available for general purchase.

Keeping your love for Prosecco into the drink itself is much advisable. Though this is an exciting news for the girls or women, who always try to wear something new as fashion definition but obviously, it does not deal with the depth of the mother-daughter relationship.


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