Scorching heat and intense sweat, summer is made of these two deadly combinations. It dries out our skin and makes it prone to aging faster. With the arrival of summer, your skin care regime must accommodate certain elements and practices to fight back different skin problems.


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Problems that summer brings

  • During Summer, excessive oil secretion is a major problem for all skin types, especially for those, who have oily skin. The T-zone (forehead, nose, chin and area around mouth) of the face is most oil prone. Being always greasy for the presence of higher number of oil glands, T-zone attracts more dirt and skin problems. Dirty skin is the breeding ground of acne and blackheads.
  • Pigmentation is another trouble during summer. Often a black burn like spot appears on the skin after spending a long time under the sun. Such spots are so stubborn that they hardly disappear if you do not take regular appointments in salon.
  • Sweat makes summer days most uneasy. Excessive sweating leads to itching and rashes as sweats carry loads of harmful bacteria.
  • Last but not the least thing that summer brings is tan. Tan changes the color of the skin with the help of harmful UVA and UVB rays. The infrared radiation of sun gives skin a burning sensation and speeds up skin aging.

The good news is there are several tricks to save your skin from all these issues. Check out the followings solutions to battle summer with ease.

How to battle out summer

 1#  Keeping yourself hydrated is something very important. Do not just have water, go for different juices and try to punch them with mint leaves. Mint is an extraordinary coolant that has amazing health benefits. Try to add mint in your daily diet in salads, juices etc.


2#  Wash face with cold water whenever you can. Try to use natural scrubs as much as you can such as chickpea flour with raw milk. Chickpea flour is an excellent scrub and raw milk is a great cleanser. Avoid cleansers that contain alcohol.


3# Just scrubbing and cleansing is not enough for skin. Scrubbing and cleansing open up the skin pores which need to be closed sooner. Use a toner to close the pores after cleansing. Rose water or cucumber juice is a very good toner and can do wonders to your skin.


4# Every day, try to eat any fruit of your choice. Fruits contain anti-oxidant that helps skin glow. Try to eat light and avoid oily and spicy foods. Having salad with meal will boost your immunity and skin health.


5# In order to avoid pigmentation, ask your dermatologist to prescribe right sunscreen based on your skin type. Apply it generously on all the exposed parts of your body 30 minutes before going out in sun. Reapply it after every 2 hours.


6# After coming back home, rub ice cubes to soothe the skin and avoid tan. Aloe Vera gel is an excellent tan remover and skin coolant. At home, pigmentation can only be fought back this way. If you have got yourself a sticky pigment on the face, see the doctor for right guidance and treatment.


7# Turmeric is famous for its numerous magical healing properties. It is the most potent cure for tan. Blend it with chickpea flour and apply it all over your body. However, avoid sun exposure after applying turmeric as it readily catches skin tan.


8#  Sour curd is also a powerful anti tan element.  Applying directly to the skin helps lightening the skin color and as well as tanned skin.


9# Ripe tomatoes are not just useful only for removing tan but also they are help in getting rid of skin darkening. Apply tomato in armpits, elbow and knee to get rid of darkness of the skin.


10# Before going out do not forget to take an umbrella, a pair of sunglasses and scurf to protect your skin and hair. Hair also gets damaged due to harsh sun rays.


Do not get afraid of summer. A right diet and few good habits can make you love summer. Enjoy the summer and tackle its odds smartly with the above 10 tips.

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