Google is going to introduce exciting real-time location sharing feature in Google Map. It will let you share your real-time location with anyone from your Google contacts.

Soon your friends and family will stop calling you again and again asking your current location and ‘ETA’ if you are on the way or running late. Just by tapping on “share location” your selected recipient will be able to track your real time location while you are progressing towards your destination.

The update will soon be available worldwide, though, exact launching date has not been announced yet. The people, with whom the location is shared, can see it on Android, iPhone, mobile web and also in desktops.


How to Share

The real-time location sharing lets someone of your choice track you throughout all the journeys that you make. Google also claims that the system will be high on precision in determining the exact location.

  • You have just to tap on the blue button on the map that denotes your location for proceeding to “share location”.
  • You can also find the option in the side menu. Now, select a single contact or more than one contacts whom you want to share with.
  •  You can also set how long you want to share– and you are there.
  • The person or the group of people with whom you have shared your real-time location sees a round icon bearing your photo on Google Map; that icon progresses as you move.
  • You can share your location for the duration from15 minutes to 3 days. In case, you forget to switch off sharing for a long time, Google will send you an email to convey whether you want to continue to be tracked.


One can also share their location through their favourite messenger app bypassing Google contacts. Interestingly, it will help you find where you have parked your car. Google also points that this latest update enabling real-time location sharing will be quite helpful in arranging surprise parties- according to the video on their blog claims.

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