Steve Jobs

Chris Anderson

Alex Constantinople

What do these people have in common?

Apart from the fact that they are all CEOs or founders of tech giants, there is one more thing, which they all practice. Their kids have limited access to tech gadgets at home! Yes, you read that right. Actually, the list of high-tech people who are low-tech parents is much longer than you would expect. And it isn’t difficult to figure out why the toddlers of today are termed the “App Generation”.

Playtime is one of the most important learning and development aspect of a child’s overall well-being. Imaginative play ensures the child grows up to be a problem-solving adult. Whereas, with gadgets in hand and eyes glued to the screen, toddlers of today are consuming whatever good or bad the screen shows them. Generally, tech gadgets are given to a child as a pacifier but it has opposite effect in the long run, from affecting growth to behavioral issues.

Are you aware of what your toddler is watching online?

There is no harm in allowing a little bit of screen time as long as you have a thorough knowledge of what your child is watching and what is he learning. Especially, a toddler needs to be kept under strict check because their young minds are open to accepting everything without question. For them, whatever they watch is normal and if you don’t want your little angel to dress up like a cartoon character, chasing people with a knife in his hand, you should be careful of what he is watching!

Don’t be stressed though. The internet is not an evil monster. There is a lot of really helpful early learning material available online. The rhymes and music make it interesting for a toddler to sit through and learn new things. Even for the preschoolers, there is extensive visual learning material present. It helps to familiarize a child with basic concepts in a fun way. It is all about the parent taking charge and controlling the quantity and quality of what the child is exposed to. Apps apart, there is also a wide array of beneficial games and gadgets available to keep your child occupied.

The “App Generation” is much more curious than its predecessors.

They want to be busy and entertained all the time. Now it is up to the parent/guardian to introduce them to constructive material online. At the end of the day, each parent knows what works for their toddler the best and how to use it positively to raise a happy, creative child.

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