There is no denying the fact that education plays a major role in shaping the personality. In order for the teachings to be effective, students need to be engaged in a way that would increase their interest in the learning. With their lives revolving around screens, it is understandable why youngsters are so reluctant in sitting in a classroom and focus on books.

It is always a good idea to garner interests by doing something unique. Teachers have always incorporated out of class studying technique to get the students to enjoy learning. Without fun, learning becomes a boring, tedious task, which kids are not a big fan of. It is about getting students to understand what is being taught and help them retain it for as long as they can, for one can only remember what the mind has truly understood. Whether it is taking field trips to locations related to topic, setting up a session in the school playground, or just letting the students explore an area on their own, interaction with environment helps students pay better attention.

The youth has become highly addictive to screens. Staying true to the phrase “If you can’t beat them, join them”, Seppo has taken a big leap towards bridging the gap between students and education. Seppo has taken the concept of engaging, relevant learning to a whole new level. The browser-based platform integrates gaming into learning using real environments. Students can bring their own phones or use the ones provided by the school. The program requires teachers to pick up a place in their surroundings, and create tasks for the students to perform. This is a great way to build team spirit. The setup lets students look at their familiar surroundings with an entirely fresh perspective. The change of scenario certainly helps in regaining the much-needed attention.

Handling youngsters has always been a tricky trail to tread on. In order to be heard, you need to be relevant and in tune with what is required. The only part of your studying at the school that stays with you forever is where you truly had fun learning. There is no better thing than hands-on training. Seppo has made it easy for everyone to get out of the classrooms and explore the surroundings. It is time we let the world around us be our guide, helping the students in learning much more than what is in the course books.

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