It is no secret that the UAE car rental market is so much saturated that it leaves the consumer baffled, to the least. UAE has very interesting socio-dynamics when it comes to car usage. Majority of users are local who have purchased their own cars, own a UAE driving license and are accustomed to the driving rules and regulations of the country. But, there is a big chunk of non-local population residing here that doesn’t find it feasible to purchase their own car. The non-locals comprise chiefly of people who come here for leisure as a tourist, and people who are here for short-term work purposes, the expats. For them, renting out a car for their desired duration is a much more suitable option than getting into all the documentations and annoyances of buying a vehicle.

Demand for auto rental is high but the problem arises with information overdose. For someone who is new to the place and does not want to waste time searching, the entire process of renting out a vehicle was a total nightmare. There were too many companies, too many websites, too many cars, and too many prices.

Thus, Final Rentals Rent a Car in Dubai was launched. The site is the brainchild of a Pakistani born and raised entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, Ammar Akhtar. After working with the top car rental companies in UAE, he was quick to analyze the problems faced by the consumers. These insights led him to develop a solution that would, once and for all, simplify the car rental process.

As the name suggests, the site is aimed to become the final stop for car rental process for the consumer. Based on cloud, the site comprises of a sleek design. Consumers can easily search for a car based on their choices, compare cars according to the specs and pricing, book cars and also avail discount deals. The site offers thousands of cars to choose from, from 4000 locations in UAE. It currently has 5000 members with the aim to increase it to 30,000 by the end of the year.

Being the visionary that he is, Ammar Akhtar has great plans to take the company ahead. The present for Final Rentals is turning out to be great but the future seems even brighter. With massive plans of expansion to cities like Muscat, Doha, Singapore, Rome, Paris, Cape Town, San Francisco and New York, Final Rentals seems determined to bring peace and convenience in the lives of consumers all over the world.

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