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In news that has released a wave of nostalgia across the world, Microsoft is hinting at shutting down it’s iconic MS Paint in the next Windows 10 Autumn Creators update.

We’re saying goodbye to the beloved software after 32 years of it providing us with endless hours of doodles, scribbles and entertainment. Flaunting our ‘drawing’ skills in MS Paint will soon be a distant reality.

Microsoft released Paint 3D in April to keep up with the times but there’s no denying the fact that nothing can replace the beloved software. Outlook Express also seems to be suffering the same fate as Paint but no one seems to be missing that (at least not as much). These apps have been added to Microsoft’s “features that are removed or deprecated in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update” list.

Paint was not only used for quick scribbles and doodles but acted as a tool for many artists to use it to it’s full potential. Microsoft is looking at pushing Paint 3D as a replacement, which might provide many happy memories to the next generation. But the ones who’ve stuck with Paint for long will definitely reminisce about the good times they had with that and Clippy (Word’s help assistant paperclip).

Share your beloved MS Paint creations with us and let’s celebrate the good times!

*Image source: The Guardian, Google Images

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